Minsk History Museum

The museum is located in the historical center of Minsk in the Upper Town. The building is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The museum opened its doors to visitors with the exhibition "The Artist. The Citizen. The Hero", dedicated to the Hero of Belarus, Honored Artist of Belarus, the honorable citizen of Minsk - Mikhail Andreyevich Savitsky on 8 May 2010. The museum funds include more than 7,000 items (2012). The basis of the collection consists of the archaeological excavations of the 11th-19th centuries, objects of urban life, cameras of the 19th-20th centuries, paintings, graphic drawings, arts and crafts, a memorial collection of famous persons. The museum consists of: Minsk City Hall (Svoboda Sq. 2a), the Art Gallery of Mikhail Savitsky (Svoboda Sq. 15), the City Art Gallery of L.D. Shchemelyov (Rokossovsky Av. 49), the Workshop-Museum of the Honored Artist of Belarus, Sculptor Ivan Misko (Internatsionalnaya St. 11a), the Outhouse of the Loshitsa Manor and Park Complex (Chizhevskykh Lane, 10). The museum organizes temporary thematic exhibitions, including international ones, based on collections of collectors, artists, photographers, various organizations and institutions, as well as a variety of creative projects: concerts, seminars, conferences, actions, open-airs.
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